Unity Generalist
& Game Designer

Sean Mansell

What do you get when you combine a love for games and a do-it-yourself attitude?

The Skyrim modding community. Also, me.

With history as far back as I can remember modding games and a full-dive into games development as of 2015, I've expanded my skills from design into programming, which I've used to find my way into the non-games software development industry.

Leveraging Unity Engine as my go-to, I've been able to deliver everything from space logistics games to promotional VR experiences for big business.


A deep understanding of what makes players play allows me to design a game to keep people glued to the screen, at the behest of parents and spouses.


Programming isn't what I dreamed of doing, but it's a big part of what I've come to do. Many of the projects I've been involved in has been as lead programmer, even the bad ones!


Using Unity, I can take a project from a concept to a working prototype in a matter of days. That's quicker than the time it took to build Rome!


I've brought a number of great projects to completion through adapted Agile practices and a hands-on leadership style. I love scheduling meetings and putting things on projectors!

Check out some of my projects!

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